Tech Experts! Make Sure Your Next Place Is Ready For You

18 December 2015
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A home should answer the needs of its people, and as technology creates new hobbies while enhancing productivity, the home needs to support technology in more ways. It'll take more than a few extra electrical outlets to keep a versatile computer user, technician or engineer at their peak performance, so take a look at a few accommodations your next home's agents should have ready or plan to upgrade in the future. Read More 

3 Tips For Affording A Roommate-Free College Apartment

17 December 2015
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Experiencing life in a dorm is a vital part of the college experience, but as the years go by, you may start to desire quieter, more private, off-campus living quarters. And if you don't want to live with a roommate, finding an apartment rental that you can actually afford may seem more difficult than the Advanced Statistics course you took last semester. But it's certainly not impossible. Here are a few tips and tricks for saving money on your very own off-campus humble abode: Read More 

Pack Your Items For A Safe Move Like The Pros

15 December 2015
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Whether you're moving across town or to another state, you need to pack your items for a safe journey. That crystal vase is as much at risk of breaking in a cross-country moving truck as the back of your car, if not wrapped properly. The key in packing like the professionals is taking your time and using the right materials. Here is how to make sure all of your personal items get to your new home in one piece. Read More 

Moving And Have An RV? Use It For Storage And To Move Your Things

11 December 2015
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If you love to camp, you likely have an RV so you do not have to sleep in a tent on the hard, cold ground. When the weather starts to get cold and you are not camping, your RV may be sitting in your driveway taking up space. If you are going to move to a new home, put your sitting RV to use to help you move your things, as well as to store things you will not be using right now. Read More 

How To Convince Your Landlord To Let You Sublet Your Apartment

9 December 2015
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If you read carefully through your lease agreement, you may find a section that talks about subletting your rental unit. If this section states that subletting is not allowed, you may want to come up with a plan to try to convince your landlord to let you do this. Subletting involves renting out the space to someone else for the remainder of the lease, but this is not something all landlords approve of. Read More