Pack Your Items For A Safe Move Like The Pros

15 December 2015
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Whether you're moving across town or to another state, you need to pack your items for a safe journey. That crystal vase is as much at risk of breaking in a cross-country moving truck as the back of your car, if not wrapped properly. The key in packing like the professionals is taking your time and using the right materials. Here is how to make sure all of your personal items get to your new home in one piece.

Get the Right Materials Together Before You Start

If you don't have what you need when you start packing, you'll try to make do with whatever is handy. This result is items not being packed as safely as they should for the trip. Buy all of the packing items you'll need before you start. You can always return unused materials after you're done. Start with having the following supplies available:

  • the original boxes for items, if you still have them
  • various sizes of packing boxes
  • rolls of bubble wrap including small and large sizes
  • cardboard sheets
  • foam packing sheets
  • packing paper rolls
  • scissors, packing tape and markers

General Tips for Packing

  • Start with the smallest box that will hold an item or group of items.
  • Always keep space between items in a box and separate them with padding.
  • Pack similar items together to minimize the risk of breakage. For example, don't pack books with your glassware.
  • When in doubt, use more packing material than less.
  • Don't use newspaper to wrap items as it can leave ink smudges on items.

If you're unsure how to wrap an item, contact the packing services of a moving company. They can offer advice. Or have them pack awkward items for you.

Packing Difficult Items for a Move

  • Fine china - Place bubble wrap around each plate and secure with packing tape. Place crumpled wrapping paper in the bottom of a box for padding. Place the plates in the box on their edges with crumpled packing paper in between. Fill the space around the plates with more crumpled wrapping paper.
  • Cups and glassware - Fill each item with crumpled paper then wrap with more packing paper. Place a layer of crumpled paper in the bottom of a box. Place the cups and glasses opening down in the box until you have a full layer. Place cardboard sheets on top of this layer with more crumpled paper and continue layering until the box is full.
  • Photo and picture frames - Place a layer of crumpled paper on the bottom of a box. Wrap each frame with packing paper. Place the frames on their edges in the box with a foam sheet in between each frame. Fill the space around the frames in the box with crumpled packing paper.
  • Irregular-shaped items - For items such as tea pots and figurines, first place bubble wrap around the item and seal with packing tape. Use folded cardboard sheets and tape around the items to create a box for added protection. When placing in a box, leave plenty of space between items and fill the space with crumpled paper to prevent shifting.

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