Background Checks Should Be A Must For Every Tenant

5 June 2023
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you have an investment property that you plan to rent to tenants, there is no way around it; background checks should be a part of your screening process. Unfortunately, some people who self-manage their properties overlook this process because they either forget about it or do not know how to perform it. However, with a property manager, this is one less worry. Learn more about why this step is so important. 


The sole purpose of renting a property is to earn income. The property may have a mortgage, taxes, insurance, and other expenses that must be paid. When tenants pay on time, you can meet these obligations easier. Background checks often reveal the applicants' financial history, including whether they have a history of non-payment with other property owners. This process can increase the chance of getting tenants that pay as agreed. 

Property Protection

Background checks include information about any rental infractions the applicant might have had, such as the destruction of property. Living in a space comes with normal wear and tear, but in the case of extreme neglect, this disregard can cost the property owner a lot of money to return the property to a livable unit again. A property management company will review the background data to help you determine just how well the tenant is likely to take care of the property. 

Community Safety

Especially if you are renting a property in an area where they are other people close by it is an equally responsible action to ensure that you do not introduce a known danger into the community. A background check will include information about criminal infractions against the applicant, such as felony convictions. The presence of a criminal record does not have to automatically bar someone from renting, but for violent or other dangerous crimes, some attention must be paid. 


Did you know that you can be found liable for the actions of your tenants? Consider the previous details about criminal background checks. Suppose a property manager moves a tenant with an extensive sexual abuse history into a community, and someone is harmed. In that case, the victim can sue the property owner for neglect. You must allow a management service to perform a background check to protect other tenants and yourself. 

Performing a background check helps protect you and your property in multiple ways. Be sure to partner with a property management company to meet your background check and other property needs. For more information, contact a company like Classic Maui Properties, Inc.