Finding Student Housing With A Child: Tips To Remember

2 February 2023
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Even though most students who enter college will not have children, there are situations where this is not the case. If you are planning to enroll in college and have a baby, you may assume that you will not be eligible for housing on or close to campus. However, this is not always the case, especially when it comes to student rental properties instead of on-campus dorm rooms. As you begin laying out the plans for where you will live during your college career, here are a few tips to remember if you already have a child. 

Look for Child-Friendly Student Housing Options  

Even though many student housing complexes will explicitly state that the apartments available are for single individuals only, there are also complexes available that cater to students who have children. This type of housing is most often advertised as "family housing," which are student rental properties that are specifically designed for students that have a family. Family housing is also suitable if you are living with a significant other or the child's other parent. That individual can live in family housing with you and your child even if they are not a student themselves. 

Always Make It Known That You Have a Child When Inquiring About Student Rentals 

It can be difficult to find family-approved student housing in some locations. However, it is important that you don't try to work around this obstacle by concealing the fact that you have a child. If a student housing director discovers you are living with a child or anyone else after moving in, you may have breached the lease agreement. Therefore, you will likely have to relocate to another place. It is always better to be open about your living situation because many student housing representatives can offer helpful advice about other local properties for students with children. 

Look for Other Students That Are Also Parents to Reside With 

In the event you cannot find a student rental property that will work for you and your child, you may have to consider other options. For example, renting a home off campus with a few other students may work for you and keep the costs of housing low. If you do need to look for roommates, be sure to look for other students with children. These students can be in similar life situations and have a greater level of understanding about things like a baby crying in the middle of the night or the need to keep things relatively quiet. 

Contact a local student housing service to learn more.