2 Things To Ask When Viewing An Apartment To Rent

13 July 2022
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If you are in need of an apartment, you want to make sure that you are asking all of the right questions when it comes time to view each place. When you view an apartment and you are not fully prepared, you could end up forgetting some essential information by the time you get home, or you might have trouble telling one apartment apart from another because of the lack of detailed information. To help make sure that you are going to know what to ask, read through the following suggestions:

How Many Bedroom Options?

Now, you might find this to be a silly question to ask since advertisements for apartments usually list how many bedrooms they have. However, they have to list what is considered bedrooms by legal definition according to the state the apartment is located in. For example, in some areas, a room cannot be considered a bedroom, for the purposes of advertising, if it does not have a closet. However, you could certainly turn a room without a closet into a bedroom if you don't need to hang clothes in there. So when you call about an apartment, ask how many rooms are able to be used as bedrooms.

How Many Neighbors Are In The Same Unit

There is usually at least one other unit being rented out in the same building as the apartment you are calling about. However, you want to know exactly how many apartments there are and where the apartment you are calling about it is located in the vicinity. For example, if the apartment you are calling about is on the far right of the building, you will have fewer shared walls that if the apartment was smack dab in the middle of the building. The more walls you share with other apartments, the louder you can expect the place to be from time to time.

By making sure that you are asking the right questions, you will be less likely to find yourself stuck in a rental agreement that you regret signing. Think about writing down all of your questions. Make a sheet of questions for each apartment you check out and be sure to include the address at the top of each sheet. Taking pictures and tagging them with the address of the apartment will help you when it comes time to read back through the information you wrote down. You want to be able to picture the place in your head while going over the details that will help you decide which place to apply for.

Look at available options such as studio or two bedroom apartments for rent.