Recommendations To Help Search Out Home Selling Leads For An Investment Property

29 October 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Investing in real estate through fix and flips, rental properties, and commercial properties is almost always going to be a good investment strategy when there is a demand for real estate. Real estate is not an unlimited resource. There is only so much land, and access to new construction can be limited with the recent complications the Covid-19 pandemic has caused worldwide. However, it can be tricky to find the right properties that will make a good investment, and you need to know where and how to look for them. Here are some tips and recommendations to find the right investment property for your next purchase.

Do Your Research

The trick to finding a good investment property is looking through enough properties until you find the right one. Investing research is a numbers game, so you are going to view a lot of properties that may not be a good investment for you or your real estate goals. Keep searching out properties, reviewing the numbers on the property, such as its purchase price and repair costs, along with how much you can rent out the property or resell it for. 

Look through online listing websites and drive through neighborhoods to search out homes that are for sale, either listed as a FSBO (for sale by owner) or listed through a realtor. You may also find homes that are physically distressed with overgrown weeds and a dilapidated exterior, which is a sign that the owner cannot take care of it or does not live in the property, and you can contact them to show interest in purchasing their property.

Check Online Sources For Distressed Properties

If you want to access information about properties that are distressed physically or financially, you can use one of several online tools to help you search. There are a variety of different websites that you can sign up for that provide you details of homes in the area that are foreclosed, pre-foreclosed, vacant, late with property taxes, the owner is going through a divorce, or other conditions that would place it on the market for sale.

These homes are distressed in a way that will usually prompt the seller to sell them at a steep discount, which gives you the opportunity to gain on that discount when you buy the property as an investment. You can usually get access to the owner's information so you can contact them about the sale of their home.

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