What to Know About a Real Estate Private Loan Program

7 June 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you are trying to build some wealth in your life, real estate has typically been one of the best ways to do it. This applies whether you're thinking about investing in industrial, residential, commercial, or any other types of real estate properties. Now is as good a time as any to try your hand at it. The industrial real estate market recently experienced a greater than 50% increase in sales volume recently, and mortgage rates reached all-time lows. Many investors are blending retail and commercial spaces with fine condo rentals. No matter what type you decide on, joining a real estate private loan program can give you the funding that you need to get started. Use the tips in this article so that you can fund your real estate dreams.

Determine what kind of real estate you are dealing with

It's important that you first get clear on the type of real estate investment that you'd like to make. Many people are choosing to purchase a multiple-bedroom property so that they can live in one and rent out the others, essentially living for free and also rounding out their home portfolio. Perhaps you want to purchase land in an up-and-coming area so that you can charge a premium when someone decides to build on it later. Knowing what move you intend to make will help you figure out the amount of capital you need, and what private loan program is best. This is important to know upfront since many private loan programs cater to specific types of investors.

Get to know how private real estate lending can come into play

With a private real estate loan program, you're getting loans from an individual or a group of individuals, rather than a traditional bank. This is an option that many investors choose because they don't have to go through the same hurdles or red tape. With a private loan program, you can also get your money quicker, and the loan isn't contingent upon a credit score. This is an essential piece of the puzzle since most people looking to get into real estate worry that they won't be able to get favorable bank loans, or that they won't get approved at all. These loan terms and interest rates are often also more flexible and favorable than what you get from bank loans.

Start with the above tips and reach out to private lenders that can help you out.