Tips To Help You Purchase A Home With A Pool

2 April 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


A home with a pool is a dream for many, and if you are in the market to buy a home, you may consider looking to make a pool home your next real estate purchase. However, with a pool, your maintenance responsibilities and legal liabilities can be different than with a home without a pool. Here are some recommendations to help you in a search for the right pool home.

Ask the Right Questions

Before you decide to buy a house with a pool, you will need to do some checking into the pool and its history and condition. Work through your real estate agent to ask the seller for information on the pool's details, and they will provide you with the info you need. You can start by asking the age of the pool and what type of liner it is made of. Also, ask who the manufacturer and installer were and if the pool has a warranty. 

Make sure all the required permits were pulled when the pool was installed, otherwise you may have problems later on. Find out what kind of maintenance or repairs they have completed to the pool over the years and if it has ever had a leak. 

You should also find out how many drains and returns the pool has and where they are located within the pool. You can also ask what type of pool cleaning and maintenance the homeowner handles on a regular basis and what types of chemicals they add.

Plan For Maintenance

When you are looking to buy a home with a pool, in addition to evaluating the home and hiring a professional inspection, you should also consider the maintenance and upkeep of the pool. You can talk to the homeowner or their agent about what type of cleaning or maintenance they comply with and whether they do the maintenance themselves or if they hire a pool service. If they do their own maintenance, the homeowner may already have a supply of pool chemicals that would come with the house, which they can provide you information about using. 

Some local pool supply companies provide pool maintenance training or pool school to educate homeowners on how to take care of their pool. This is a great opportunity to check and clean the pool's filter and skimmers along with any pool cleaning system. Or, you can ask the homeowner how much their monthly pool maintenance service costs and consider hiring the same one.

Contact a local real estate agent to learn more about pool homes.