Is The Disney Vacation Club Worth It? It Just Might Be

8 October 2019
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You may be considering buying a Disney timeshare, also known as the Disney Vacation Club, but aren't quite sure if it will be worth it. While owning a timeshare does mean you can't go to your vacation home whenever you want they do tend to have great perks.

Is the Disney Vacation Club timeshare worth it? It just might be, especially if you tend to choose Disney Parks as your vacation destination. 

Accommodations In Multiple Places

Just like with any timeshare, Disney timeshares don't just offer accommodations at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, you can choose to have your vacation at any of the resorts that Disney offers. This means you and your family have a wide variety of destinations available. You can book a stay at the Aulani resort in Ko Olina, Hawaii, at Disneyland in California, or anywhere else Disney Vacation Club has properties.

The resorts all offer something for the family, including pools, fitness centers, and activities for the family such as mini-golf or golf. Each location has its own unique flavor and setting as well. For example, Hawaii has the ocean and gorgeous mountain ranges, and Vero Beach, Florida is one of the more beautiful beaches in Florida.

Earn Points Every Year

Disney Vacation Club members earn points every year in which they can book their vacation stay. You can use these points to book your vacation at any of the resorts included in the timeshare. This means, if you want to go to Disney World every year for your vacation, you can. Or, if you choose to pick a different place every year, that's also possible.

Depending on your subscription level, you will receive a certain number of points every year. If you want a more luxurious suite, you can save your points to book an upgraded room once you reach that point level. The point system gives you greater flexibility in the type of vacation you want.

Extra Benefits

You can receive extra benefits for being a Disney Vacation Club timeshare owner, too. You can save a lot of money on tickets to Disney's parks, including annual passes. You get savings at the restaurants and entertainment offerings within the resorts. You can also take advantage of extra hours at the parks, meaning early entry or staying after the regular guests have left. You will also have opportunities to see sneak peeks into the upcoming attractions Disney will have. Members can also receive a ride to and from the Orlando airport to the Disney resort they have chosen.

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