Top Features That Make A Great Waterfront Property

17 July 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Many people consider waterfront homes luxurious, but these properties are not equal; some have more features than others. The 'must-have' features vary from person to person, but there are a few common ones that most people will find useful. Below are some of the features to look out for when shopping for a waterfront home.

Unobstructed Views

Many people buy their waterfront property simply for the views. Even if you are not one of those people, you may still want to enjoy great views from your waterfront property. Unfortunately, this will not be possible if something stands between you and the water. Maybe there are tall trees that you are forbidden from cutting, a cell phone tower, or even other buildings.

If you want to enjoy great views from your property, ensure there are no such obstructions. You should also ensure that no one has the right to construct such obstructions in the future.

Lakeside Deck

For true water lovers, nothing comes close to the feeling of sitting outside the house in the evening, looking into the horizon over the water. The best way to enjoy this feeling is to have a deck on the side of the house facing the water. If there is no deck already, there should be space and rights to build one.

Convenient Water Access

Imagine living close to a lake or ocean but having to struggle to get to the water. For many people, the struggle alone would negate the benefit of having a waterfront home. Therefore, you have found a gem if you have identified a waterfront property that gives you easy access to the water. This may be because there is a public path you can use, an easement that grants you use of a private path, or your home sits right next to the water.


Swimming and playing in the lake may be fun, but you don't want to track all that mud and sand into your house. Therefore, get a waterfront home with a mudroom. A mudroom is an entryway, hallway, or even a separate building located at the front of a house to help people get rid of dirt and mud before entering the house. You can leave your flip flops and beach clothes here for cleaning later. It's even better if your target home also has an outdoor shower you can use to clean off the salty water, sand, and mud so that you don't damage your carpet or flooring.

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