Find The Right Housing When You Are A Travel Nurse

31 May 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Traveling nurses take short-term assignments just about anywhere in order to gain valuable life experience while working. Whether you are a brand-new traveling nurse or you have been doing the job for years, finding the right housing can be the hardest part. Travel nurse housing needs to be temporary and should be fully furnished to make moving easy. While travel nurse agencies sometimes provide housing, others give you a housing allowance, and you have to find the right place to live on your own. As you search for the right apartment, be on the lookout for deals that seem too good to be true. You can find the right housing, but you have to know what to look for.

If It Seems Impossible, It Probably Is

While you can find suitable housing from a distance while looking online, any ad that seems too good probably isn't a real option. When you have been looking for places and suddenly find one that is much cheaper than anything else, the listing is likely too good to be true. If you call the potential landlord and they ask for a deposit without you seeing the place, this is another red flag that the property doesn't exist. Look for reputable sites that have long-established services and reviews and go for properties that have similar prices to others. 

Look Over Vacation Rental Sites

With the growing popularity of rental property sites, you may be able to find a short-term rental that is a bit longer than your average vacation stay. Contact any of the property owners that are interesting to you and discuss what you are looking for. A homeowner that is renting out a room in their home on a daily or weekly basis may be thrilled with the prospect of renting to one person for a longer period of time. You will have everything you need without having to worry about furniture.

Consider an Extended Stay Hotel

If you don't want to live in a house or close to a landlord, there's always the option of an extended stay hotel. This may cost you a bit more than you want to spend on temporary housing but could be a solution if you can't get into your rental for a few weeks despite your assignment starting.

When you are a traveling nurse, the right living situation is going to make all the difference. While online searches are beneficial, take care that you're looking at reputable sites. Look at sites that say they have travel nurse housing