Tips For Selling A Home When You Have Pets

28 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Your pets are a part of your family and you love them -- but someone looking to buy your house may not feel the same way. Pet odors and other signs of animal life can turn off some potential buyers. To help make the sale, follow these tips when selling a home that's been lived in by pets.

Clean up the yard.

Spend a few hours walking around the yard and picking up any pet messes that have been left behind. You don't want a potential buyer to step in something if they decide to take a closer look at the fence or explore the landscaping design. It would be even worse if they were to track the mess inside on their shoes.

Have your carpet cleaned.

Many of the pet odors in a home can be attributed to the carpet. When you vacuum, you're removing dander and hair, but the oils from your pet's skin, which are what really smells, get left in the carpet. Hire a carpet cleaning service that specifically deals with homes with pets. They'll use hot water and a special oil-cutting detergent to ensure your home smells fresh.

Repair any obvious damage to woodwork.

Has your cat clawed the doorframes? Maybe your dog has chewed along the base of one of your doors. It's worth your while to spend the money to repair this damage, as your entire home will seem less appealing if it's one of the first things a potential buyer spots. If there is damage you can't repair, at least make it less obvious by placing furniture around or near it.

Wipe down the walls.

When you own pets, your walls may slowly accumulate residues from saliva and the like without you even realizing it. Wiping down your walls with an all-purpose cleaner will make them look a lot cleaner and also help alleviate lingering odors.

Relocate your pet when the home is being shown.

All of the time and effort you put into removing traces of pets from your home will be for naught if the pet remains in the home, making new messes. So before you start showing the home, find your pet a temporary, alternative dwelling. This could be in your new place if you've already moved out, or it could be with a friend or family member.

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