Do Your Own Home Staging with These Simple Tips

26 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you're getting ready to list your house for sale and want it to look its best, hiring a home stager is a smart move. However, if you're on a tight budget or feel that your home is in pretty good shape and just needs a bit of attention, you may not seek the services of this professional. This doesn't mean that you can't use a variety of staging techniques yourself, though. Along with some insight and suggestions from your real-estate agent and a bit of decluttering and shopping, you can make the interior of your home appear as though it has been professionally staged. Here are some tips to employ.

Get Rid of Elevated Bulk

A simple rule that many home stagers follow is to remove any elevated bulk in the home. When things are bulky on the walls or above the ground, they can make the room feel small and cluttered, even if this isn't necessarily the case. This means that if you have a bookshelf in your living room, it's often ideal to remove clutter on top of the shelf. Likewise, if you have thick things hanging on your walls, such as a shadowbox with souvenirs from a recent trip, it can be worthwhile to take this item down before people start to walk through your home.

Swap Dark for Light

Dark items in your home can feel large and bulky, thus contributing to the illusion that a room is smaller than it actually is. Conversely, light-colored items have the opposite effect, making them valuable when you're staging your own home. Try to get rid of as many dark objects as possible and swap them for light objects. For example, a black or dark-brown coffee table will seem to dominate the space more than one that is white or cream, even if the dimensions are similar.

Use Area Rugs Strategically

Area rugs can be a worthwhile investment when you stage your own home. If an area of your floor is a little rough, covering it with an area rug will prevent the eyesore from being seen. Likewise, if a room feels a little cold and uninviting, the placement of an area rug can quickly make it feel cozier. Cozy characteristics are often appealing to prospective buyers, as they'll enjoy thinking of themselves in the space when they visit your home during an open house or a showing.