Carrying On A Long Distance Relationship With Your New Home

26 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


You are on one end of the of the country, the house you are buying, however, is all the way on the other side of the country. While going through the home-buying process remotely can be more of a challenge, it is far from impossible. You need to be ready for this challenge by having the right real estate agent for the job and be prepared to use technology to your advantage. Read on for some tips on dealing with carrying on a long distance relationship with your new home.

Take care of your homework: You may have to do some of the footwork in advance with the help of your computer and the internet. While an in-person visit can give you invaluable information about the "feel" of a neighborhood, there is much you can learn by using the internet. For example, beyond the obvious websites devoted to real estate listings, you may also want to check out:

  • Mapping sites to find out where your potential new home lies in relation to your job, local schools, stores and more. Just plug the address into a mapping site such as Google maps. You can even do a virtual "drive by" by viewing the street view of your home and the neighborhood.
  • Sites like City-data can provide users with vital demographic information like crime statistics, ages and median incomes of residents and more about specific cities. This site also contains a valuable user board showcasing local user concerns and answering questions from people just like you who are considering making a move.
  • Sites like Great Schools allow the user to research the quality of local schools. Even those without school age children need to consider the resale value of their homes when the time comes.

Have someone on the ground: One the most important resources from those purchasing a home from a distance is to have a good real estate agent. They can serve as your eyes and ears during this process, and their local knowledge will come in handy. Your agent needs to be available for more than the usual amount of questions, so make sure you find one willing to accommodate your needs. Thanks to technology, you can even have your agent do a virtual walk-through in a potential home with a smartphone or other device that allows you to view the home live and ask questions on the spot.

Be prepared to travel: No matter how much research you do in advance and how skilled your real estate agent, you will need to travel to your new location at some point. Be sure budget your time and money for more than one visit.

Without a good real estate agent to help you, your quest for a long distance home purchase could be near impossible. Be sure to speak with an agent today.