Add A Basement Bathroom To Your Home To Appeal To These Buyers

29 December 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


As you get ready to list your home for sale, you're likely considering a wide range of projects and upgrades that will make your house more desirable. While fresh coats of paint, new flooring, and other similar changes can all be positive, you might also wish to think about installing a bathroom in the basement. Many homes don't have this feature, but those who do are often highly coveted by a wide range of buyers. The bathroom doesn't have to have a tub; even a toilet, sink, and shower can be enough to attract interest. Here are some buyers who will view this feature as favorable.

People Who Work From Home

Those who work from home will often set up workspace in the basement. If there's no bathroom in the home, these people will have to constantly walk upstairs when nature calls or when they wish to refill a water glass. In itself, this may not seem like a major concern, but it's easy to get distracted — especially if the ground floor is full of family members. Many people who work from home will favor the idea of being able to remain focused and stay downstairs, which will be helped by a bathroom in this part of the home.

Large Families

A large family with multiple children can often need to get creative when browsing houses for sale. Many houses have two or three bedrooms, but a four-child family won't likely find this space enough. To this end, some large families will want to convert space in the basement to a bedroom, and a bathroom nearby will be a highly desirable feature for these buyers. Additionally, the extra bathroom will always be a useful feature for large families whose members may compete to use the upper-floor bathroom in the morning.

People Who Have Big Parties

People who enjoy hosting large gatherings often evaluate the features of the homes for sale in their area. A basement bathroom might not have an immediate link with this type of homeowner, but this space can be desirable. If alcohol is served at the buyer's gatherings, some people may consume too much and sleep over for the night — and a furnished basement is a common spot for these people to crash. Having a bathroom in the area to give people a chance to get freshened up in the morning will certainly come in handy for such individuals.