All's Well That Ends Dwell: 4 Home Buyers' Tips for a Speedy Real-Estate Closing

28 November 2016
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Buying a home can seem like a process that goes on forever when you start looking at houses. First, there is the matter of figuring out what you ideally want from a home, and then you need to find one in your area that meets or exceeds your expectations and is within your home-buying budget. Once you find the home of your dreams that you can afford, you may be in a hurry to close the real-estate deal. The good news is that home-selling agents want to help you expedite the process as well. Here are some things that are within your control that can help the real-estate closing happen more quickly.

Tip #1: Make a Fair and Generous Offer

A home seller is likely to be far more enthusiastic about selling the home to you when you make a fair and generous offer on the property. Although you may be able to save money by putting in a low offer on a house, that can create a sense of ill will from the seller, and it can result in counter-offers and a lot of time that's wasted if you have a hard time agreeing on a price.

Tip #2: Schedule Your Closing Earlier Than You Need

If you know that you need to move into your new home by a certain date, be sure to schedule the real-estate closing for a few weeks prior to that date. That may not always be possible, but it is a smart idea because that will enable you to still meet the necessary date even when there are delays in closing. Since delays in closing real estate are common, this is an important step.

Tip #3: Put Off Buying a Car or Making Other Big Purchases

Try not to purchase a lot of big-ticket items at the same time as your house should be closing. Wait to finance a new car or take out new credit cards until after you have closed on your home. Big-ticket purchases can have an impact on your credit score, and those changes are not always for the better. Since buying a car or taking out a new credit card increases your debt-to-income ratio, that can make mortgage companies and loan officers hesitate when considering whether to approve your home loan.

Tip #4: Don't Switch Jobs

Although switching jobs may be inevitable if the motivation for buying a home is moving from one city to another, it's best to try to avoid changing jobs just before you apply for a home loan. The more stability you can show a mortgage company, the better.  When you have held a steady job for a long period of time, it shows how reliable you are.

Finally, keep in mind that there is only so much control that the buyer has when it comes to controlling how quickly the real-estate closing occurs. However, these tips may help move things along and help you take possession of your dream home as soon as possible. 

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