Ideas For Making Your Home Feel Welcoming During A Fall Open House

21 November 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you list your home for sale in the fall, it's probable that you want to sell the home quickly — possibly so that you can be moved and settled into your new home by the holidays. While there are a number of factors that will influence the speed with which you sell the home, it's in your best interest to make the residence feel cozy and welcoming during your open houses. In addition to the usual pre-open house tasks you perform, such as dusting and vacuuming, take some time to institute these ideas. They can help potential buyers instantly feel at home.

Decorate The Front Porch

A front porch that feels welcoming is ideal during the fall. At a time of the year when the weather turns cold, a welcoming front porch encourages people to enter the home and generates a feeling of hominess before the front door is even opened. There are a number of suitable ways to decorate the front porch, but a couple of pumpkins can give the area a pleasant, welcoming feel. On the front door, a harvest wreath featuring maple leaves, pieces of straw, small gourds, and other autumn decorations also serve to warmly invite people into the open house.

Give The Home Some Autumn Smells

There are a number of pleasant smells associated with the season, so make sure that your home smells welcoming before the open house. If you're an avid baker, consider baking a pumpkin or apple pie in the hour before the open house, and then leaving it on a pie stand in the kitchen. People who attend the open house will feel welcome — and their mouths might be watering, too. Scented candles are also appropriate. Pumpkin spice, for example, is a smell that many people favor at this time of the year.

Provide Some Warmth

One of the coziest things about entering a home in the fall is going from chilly, windy conditions to a warm environment. To this end, make sure that the heat is turned up in your home. Don't try to save a buck by turning the thermostat down, as your home could feel cold an inhospitable. Lighting a gas, electric, or wood pellet fireplace can also be ideal. In addition to the heat that these elements provide, they also create a welcoming, homey feeling that potential buyers will instantly appreciate from the minute they walk through the doors of the open house.