Cozy Touches To Complete Before Your Open House

27 October 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you're holding an open house in an attempt to sell your home, it's a good idea to spend as much time as is necessary to clean, tidy, and organize each room so that it looks its best. The more time you spend doing this work, the better your home can look to people who are visiting — and you may receive a purchase offer in the next few days. It's also advantageous to spend some time putting together some cozy touches that people will appreciate noticing upon entering the home. Here are some ideas of simple touches that you can do in advance of the open house.

Display Freshly Cut Flowers

While it's true that no one will buy your home simply because there are flowers in one or more of your rooms, fresh blooms can cheer up the room and make prospective buyers feel more cozy in your space. It's a small price to pay for beautifying your home in this manner. There are numerous places throughout your home that you can display freshly cut flowers. An obvious choice is to have a vase of flowers on your dining room table or on the island in your kitchen. You can also think about having some blooms in a bathroom or in the entry hall of the home.

Light Some Candles

It's OK to have lit candles during the open house, given that your real estate agent will be present. Find some special areas that can be beautified by the addition of some flames. Candles on your mantle are always a good idea, while a candle in the bathroom or in the master bedroom can also help to make each room feel cozy. When you select candles for this job, it's best to opt for the unscented variety. Remember, some people have sensitivities to strong fragrances, and a scented candle might be a bother to some visitors.

Play Some Music

A little bit of quiet music in the right room can help to show your home's cozy qualities. For example, if you're worked hard to make your master bathroom into a spa-like environment, subtly playing a relaxation track from speakers in the room can augment the positive feeling people get when they enter this space. Likewise, a bit of quiet classical music can also make a family room or dining room feel more like home to prospective buyers during the open house.