Fussy Or Fabulous? Pros And Cons Of Formal Dining Rooms

19 October 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When building a new house, rather than purchasing an existing structure, one of the many benefits is the freedom to customize a floor plan exactly the way you want it. But when it comes to the inclusion of a formal dining room – specifically, whether or not to include one in your home – you may be a little lost on your decision. There's no need for confusion or spending countless hours tallying up a pros and cons list by yourself, however, when the research can be found in one convenient place. So if you're wondering what the positives and negatives of a formal dining room might include, then here's what you need to know.

All In Favor

Looking for the good stuff about formal dining rooms? Look no further:

  • Family Time. Studies show that kids who eat meals together with their families have higher grades and lower rates of substance abuse – and a formal dining room is a perfect spot for gathering and chatting about the day.
  • Quiet Elegance. Adding to your home's décor is generally an important consideration for any homeowner, and you may find that if you like your décor with a touch of class and elegance that a formal dining room is one of the best ways to add to that feeling.

All Opposed

If you're not too sure about a formal dining room, on the other hand, consider these facts:

  • Space Waster. If you're honestly not sure that you'd even use the room, or if you think you'd use it only around Thanksgiving and Christmas (or any other major holidays), it's probably best to give it a pass; being convenient for a few meals a year isn't a good use of the space in your home, and will just provide you with a room to clean but not really to enjoy.
  • Too Stuffy. For a home steeped in modernist or post-modernist décor, a formal dining room can just end up feeling stuffy and out of place, if not an active force against the rest of your home's theme.

All In All

Even after you've gone through this list and checked it twice with your family members, you may still be divided – and that's okay. Choosing to have (or not to have) a formal dining room in your home is an intensely personal decision, not one that can be fully decided just by reading through a list. But talking and thinking it over can help you ultimately come to your conclusion and give you a home that is not only beautiful, but also functional – no matter which way you decide. Consult with a local real estate expert for more information.