Four Tips For Selling A Home With An Unattractive Exterior

16 September 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Curb appeal is often touted as one of the essentials for selling a home. So what should you do when your home's exterior is unattractive, but you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on new siding, landscaping, and similar improvements? Selling your home may be a struggle because potential buyers won't get that excellent first impression – but it is not impossible. Use the tips below to maximize your chances of success.

Plant some fresh flowers.

A pop of color from fresh flowers may do more for the exterior of your home than you'd imagine. Head to your local garden store, and buy some colorful annuals. Marigolds and pansies are always good choices since they bloom for a long time and do well even with little water. If your landscaping is not set up for planting flowers, then plant them in a few big pots or planters, and set the pots on either side of your front door. The flower displays may help draw attention away from the otherwise unimpressive exterior.

Have a lot of open houses.

Potential buyers who just drive by and look at the house on a whim may be turned off before they even come inside. But if you hold an open house, you stand a greater chance of actually getting people in the door so they can see your home's upside: the interior. Make sure you work with a realtor who believes in holding a lot of open houses, and do all that you can to make those open houses spectacular. Clean the house impeccably, bake and serve cookies, and play soft music in the background.

Include pictures of the interior on the sign.

Some real estate agents have taken to including pictures of homes' interiors on the "for sale" signs they place in front lawns. Definitely take advantage of this approach. This way, potential buyers who are driving by at least have a chance of seeing that the interior is in better shape than the exterior. 

Select advertisement wording carefully.

Your advertisements and home descriptions really need to emphasize how lovely the inside of the home is. Statements like "You have to see the gorgeous inside of this home!" and "The inside is wonderfully updated so you can focus your efforts on the outside!" should help draw potential buyers inside, rather than leaving them to assume that the inside of your home is as scrappy as the exterior.