Addressing Three Air Conditioning Inspection Questions

9 September 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you are preparing your home to be sold, it is important for you to take proactive steps to help address some of the concerns that potential buyers may have. In particular, the air conditioning system can be of particular concern for those looking to buy a home. However, many sellers may not be informed about the need to have the unit professional inspected prior to listing the home. By having these questions about air conditioning inspections addressed, you will be better prepared to address these concerns.

Why Should You Have The Air Conditioning System Inspected?

When someone is evaluating whether or not they should buy a house, they will likely be concerned about any needed repairs the property will require. Considering the importance of an air conditioning system for the comfort of a home's interior as well as the expensive repair costs, it is easy to see why a buyer may be hesitant about investing in a home with an unproven air conditioning system.

How  Long Will This Inspection Take?

It can be a common concern for some homeowners to be worried about these inspections being inconvenient. Fortunately, an experienced air conditioning inspection expert will be able to complete this evaluation in a fairly short period of time. Additionally, you will not need to be home for this work as long as you leave any doors that the inspector may need to access unlocked. If you are worried about leaving doors unlocked, you may opt to leave a spare key for the inspector.

Will The Inspector Repair The Problems That Are Discovered?

There are many first-time sellers that may assume the air conditioning inspection expert will repair any problems that they discover. Rather, these professionals will simply prepare a report outlining the condition of the air conditioning system at the end of this inspection. Depending on the service you used, they may be able to repair the problems, but this will involve additional costs and other fees as it is considered a separate service.

Having your air conditioning system inspected can be an important step for ensuring that your home is as attractive as possible to any potential buyers. By appreciating the importance of this simple task, that it will not be particularly inconvenient and that the inspector will not repair the problems that are discovered, you will be better prepared to know what to expect when you are needing to have your air conditioning system inspected. For more information, contact a business such as Home Inspection Associate.