Three Important Things to Check Before Your Sign Your Lease

19 August 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


You're excited because you finally found that perfect apartment you've been looking for. The location is perfect, the layout of the apartment couldn't be better, and best of all, the rent is within a price range you can afford. But before you sign a lease, there are a few things you need to check out. The following are three things you may not think about due to your enthusiasm about your prospective home.


This is often overlooked when you're looking for apartments for rent. Is there assigned parking? If so, how far is your assigned space from your apartment. If there is no assigned parking, this can become a problem, especially after everyone gets home from work. You may easily wind up parking your car far from your new apartment. Of course, this will depend upon how many extra spaces there are in the lot and whether visitors are allowed to park in the lot along with tenants. The best way to determine the parking issue is to look at the parking area in the late afternoon when most people are back home from work.

Cell-phone service

Most people assume that their cell phone will work fine in an apartment, but keep in mind that many apartments were designed and built when land lines were still the norm for telephone communication. Obviously, the only thing you need to do is check the strength of your signal while inside the apartment. It should be all right, but you still need to check to make sure the signal is strong enough for your needs.

Water pressure

The biggest issue for many people will be the shower. If the water is turned on, and it usually is, make sure you turn on the shower so you will know if the flow is satisfactory. In many places, the water pressure is not satisfactory. In addition, there are areas of the country where there is a trend toward water-saving devices, and this includes low-flow shower heads. You don't want to take your first shower in your new apartment only to find out the water flow is terrible. Find out ahead of time if there is a-water pressure issue, and if the low flow in the shower is due to the shower head, inquire about the possibility of changing the shower head.

There are many common things that everybody is sure to check on when shopping for an apartment. For example, you should ask questions about security deposits, who is responsible for utilities, and what appliances are included. But there are important aspects of an apartment that are often overlooked. The three listed above are common. You should take a few minutes to make a note of anything important to you that needs to be checked before you sign a lease.