Eliminate A Home Inspection At Your Peril

17 June 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Although home inspections used to be insisted upon by most mortgage companies, some do not require them anymore. You can skip this step in the buying process, but if you do, you are exposing yourself to some serious risks.

Legal Issues

An inspection can save you from hidden legal issues. The current owner or previous owners may have undertaken remodeling projects without getting the proper licenses and permits. Your garage might have been added illegally and not be up to code. These issues are important because they affect the value of your home and your tax liability. If a room does not officially exist, you can end up with a legal mess or two to straighten out.

Also, you need to establish clear boundary lines. You may be buying a home that extends over the property line. Conversely, the neighbors may have encroached on the property you are trying to buy. These property issues need to be resolved before you buy, or you can easily end up in court.

Deal Breakers

Even if the property you are trying to purchase looks perfect, many problems could be hiding in the walls, the roof, or the foundation. If the inspection reveals big problems, such as a rotten roof or high levels of radon, you can back out of the deal and be grateful you escaped. If the inspection turns up a variety of smaller problems that will need repair, you can ask that the current owner has these problems fixed or reduce the price of the home so that you can take care of the expense yourself. If problems are revealed by the inspection, you should actually be grateful. You may decide to go ahead with the purchase, but you'll do so knowing exactly what you are buying.


The cost of a home inspection is modest. Most people spend between $266–369 for this service. Without an inspection, you could be exposing yourself to thousands of dollars of repairs or legal services. In your haste to get the property of your dreams, you just cannot afford to do without the inspection.

A home inspection may seem like an unnecessary delay after you've found the home that you want, but not having one done is a huge mistake. If the inspector does not find anything wrong, just be grateful for the reassurance and do not think of the money as "lost." A good inspection means you can proceed without worry.

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