Selling Your Home? 3 Tips For Staging During The Summer

20 May 2016
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You probably already know that staging your home is important during the selling process, but did you know that you should make some changes and adjustments based off of the season? For example, if you are selling your home during the warm summer months, keep these tips in mind.  

1. Keep it Light and Breezy

You will definitely want to lighten things up a little while staging your home during the summer. Swap out heavy textiles with light, breezy fabrics, and choose light or bright colors for your decor rather than darker shades. You'll want your home to feel light and breezy during the summer months, not heavy and stifling. After all, you'll want your potential buyers to feel like it's a place where they could cool off and get comfortable all year long, including when it's hot outside. 

2. Showcase Your Outdoor Living Space

If there is ever a time when it's important to put a focus on your outdoor living space, it's during the summer. A lot of potential buyers look at the outdoor space when choosing a home, especially if it's warm outside and they're thinking about enjoying the outdoor weather. Consider situating a few lawn chairs together in a cool, shady place in the yard, and call attention to grilling areas, patios or other fun outdoor entertaining spaces. Adding a pop of color by planting a few colorful, summer-friendly plants in your yard, or place flower pots around.

3. Stay On Top of Clutter from the Kids

During the summer months, it's possible that you have kids who are home from school and who are making more of a mess in the house than usual. This can be a tough thing when you never know when the real estate agent might call with an interested buyer, so consider placing attractive baskets or other similar storage vessels in common areas of the home. Then, it will be easy to toss items in the basket or bin quickly when your agent wants to do a showing. This can be helpful all year long, but it can be particularly helpful during the months when the kids are probably spending more hours of the day at home.

As you can see, there are a few home staging tips that you should remember when selling your home during the summer. If you need additional help, consider working with a professional home staging service.