Three Ways To Enjoy Hawaii Without Committing To Moving There

27 April 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you have always thought about seeing Hawaii, but you do not like the idea of paying hotel and lodging fees with each visit, there are ways around some of these costs. You could move to Hawaii, but if you like living where you are, that may not be the best option for you. Instead, consider one of the three following ways to enjoy Hawaii without moving there or becoming a semi-permanent resident.

Timeshare in Hawaii

If you can afford to fly to Hawaii once or twice a year, then it might be in your best interests to consider a timeshare. This is a real estate investment option that allows you to rent vacation homes in Hawaii (and other places of interest) for a flat, annual fee. You work with other investors to set up a schedule so that everyone that has a share in the property can visit it equally during the year. The schedule is also set for times and dates that work out well for everyone. Sometimes it is even possible to exchange a week or two in your scheduled time in the property with a week or two in somebody else's scheduled time. The other person or family must agree to the time swap.

House Swap in Hawaii

Consulting with real estate agents in Hawaii and certain apps that focus on house-swapping, you could easily visit Hawaii any time of the year simply by agreeing to swap houses with another person or family. This has become a very popular practice for people who only want to be part-time occupants of another city, state or country. Just be sure to screen the other house-swappers carefully before you commit to any agreement or arrangement. (One way to ensure that only the nicest people swap houses with you is to go through a real estate agent, who screens people for you before signing a contract to swap houses. The real estate agents can even facilitate the contract for house-swapping so that some rules are established and there are legal consequences if the rules are not followed.)

Vacation Rental in Hawaii

If a timeshare is too expensive, and the thought of allowing strangers into your home too scary, then maybe you would like to try a vacation home rental in Hawaii instead. Vacation rentals allow you to rent out houses that belong to other people, who, for whatever reason, do not regularly occupy these places and opt to rent them out as vacation homes instead. Most rates for vacation home rentals are pretty reasonable, even in Hawaii. The major perks here are that you can rent any house that is available at any time of the year with no major commitment. You also have the freedom and the ability to cancel your plans and your rental with reasonable notice. Click here to learn more about vacation homes in Hawaii.