Want A Cat-Friendly Home? 4 Features To Look For In Properties Before Buying

20 April 2016
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Before you start house hunting, you want to figure out exactly what you want and need in a home. However, you cannot just think about you and your spouse, you have to think about children and pets. If you have cats, intend on having cats, or even want to foster felines, you may want to look at properties with cat-friendly features. It is easier to move into an already cat-friendly home than it is to make a wide variety of changes or additions that cost both time and money to make happen.

Optimal Flooring

The flooring is a huge feature that you need to take into consideration, especially because your cats are going to spend a lot of time walking, laying, and playing on the floors throughout your home. It is ideal to look at homes with vinyl or tile flooring as they are both resistant to damage and easy to clean.

Lots of Windows

Cats love looking outside at nature, people, or whatever they can set their eyes on. However, windows without a thick windowsill or perch are just not ideal for watching outside. It is helpful to look at houses that not only have lots of windows to give your cats viewpoints from every corner of the house, but ones that provide them with enough space to get comfortable while enjoying the view.

Fenced Yard

Outdoor cats have a much higher risk of getting injured compared to indoor cats. However, you can fix this by moving into a house with a fully fenced yard. This will allow you to add netting or coyote rollers to the top of the fence to prevent your cats from being able to escape from the yard. It is a great way to encourage exercise by getting them outside where they can play with each other and run around.

High Places

Although it is highly unlikely that you will find a home designed just for cats, you can certainly take note of features that your cats would love to use. Cats like high places for a variety of reasons, so it makes sense to prioritize properties that are able to provide them with things that they enjoy.

As a cat owner, you want to do everything you can to make sure your cats are happy. Looking at cat-friendly properties will ensure that you are able to give them what they want and need right away.

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