4 Denver Home Areas Ideal For Outdoor Enthusiasts

14 April 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


The whole state of Colorado is filled with amazing nature, but you can enjoy both the outdoors and city life around the city of Denver. If you're an outdoor enthusiast who loves to hike and explore, then there are four specific areas in the Denver, Colorado area that can give you access to plenty of outdoor activities. By knowing about these areas, you can easily work with a realtor to find a home located nearby.


A neighborhood located in the heart of Denver is known as Skyland. There are a number of different homes for sale in the area and many of them are within walking distance to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The museum is filled with a number of outdoor programs and is actually located right at City Park. The same area is also home to the Denver Zoo, allowing you to go outside and explore with all types animal attractions.

Lakewood, Colorado

Southwest of Denver is the suburbs of Lakewood, Colorado. Head east to enjoy the city of Denver or you can head just a little bit west to explore the outdoors and giant nature park known as the Red Rocks Park. The park is filled with large mountain formations and great views of the surrounding areas. There are dozens of trails that you can explore in the area year after year once you have purchased a home. The Lakewood area is also home to numerous golf courses that allow you to play a fun game and enjoy the outdoors.

West Highland

If you love exploring plants and gardens, then consider purchasing a home in the West Highland area. The neighborhood is home to the Elitch Gardens. This is a collection of botanical gardens and is filled with all types of plants, trees, and blooming flowers. Along with the gardens, there is an amusement park with all types of games and rides to go on. During the summer, there are numerous water rides that can be enjoyed during the warm weather.

Morrison, Colorado

Explore the outdoors and rich history of the area with a home in the town of Morrison, Colorado. Located just west of Denver, the small town is home to an area known as the Dinosaur Ridge. The climbing area features numerous trails to explore and natural fossils that are a part of the scenery. You can explore the outdoors and walk alongside dinosaur tracks that were placed there millions of years ago. This is a great area to move to with children who love dinosaurs and exploring the outdoors.

By expressing your love for the outdoors to a real estate agent, they can help you find various homes for sale in Denver, Colorado and in these areas.