Buying A Home? 4 Reasons You Need A Real Estate Agent

14 January 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you are interested in buying a home, you might currently be deciding if you should use a real estate agent or not. While the Internet has provided a lot of resources to help you find a home on your own, there are certain things you can't do unless you have a real estate agent's experience. Here are some reasons to consider using a real estate agent, such as Plaza Realty, when shopping for a new home.

The Agent Communicates With the Seller

One big benefit to going through a real estate agent is that whenever you are interested in a home and want to learn more about it, set up an appointment to see it, or to give an offer, your agent can do it for you. The agent either communicates with the seller of the home, or the realtor working with the seller. Some real estate agents work with both buyers and sellers, becoming an excellent buffer between the two parties. This can help keep you from getting overwhelmed with contacting everyone to set up appointments and give offers.

They Know About Listings First

If you have ever contacted someone that lists their home publicly, you know how frustrating it is when they already have a half dozen offers and aren't taking anymore. This is because when homes are listed, people try to snatch them up quickly, especially if it is being sold for a decent price or located in an area with an excellent real estate market. When you work with a real estate agent, they will know about listings first when they go through their own realtor's office. If your agent finds a home that would be a good fit for you, they will let you know about it first so you have a good chance at giving the first offer.

Agents Keep Up With Market Conditions

Another benefit to using an experienced real estate agent when buying a home is that they know all about market conditions, and keep up with the changes. This is useful to you because they can tell you what houses are going for a decent price, what the average cost per square foot in any given area is, and look at the ratios of the days a house has been on the market. This definitely comes in handy when you are looking for the right home to buy.

The Agent Researches Homes For You

While you can still browse homes for sale on your own, it is really helpful to have an agent constantly looking around at available homes that fit your criteria. You might not have the time and energy to continue doing this until you have found the perfect home. While you are at work and spending time with your family, the agent is working for you so you can find an excellent home.