Perfect Houseplants For A New Homeowner Who Lacks A Green Thumb

3 December 2015
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Not everyone is graced with a green thumb. If you fall into that category, you may have given up on having houseplants. Fortunately, there is no reason why you can't have a gorgeous houseplant in your new home. In fact, there are some houseplants that are incredibly difficult to kill. In order to kill these houseplants you would have to be purposely making an effort to kill them.

1. Ferns

Ferns are incredibly difficult to kill. All they require is bright, but indirect light and a light water misting once a week. Technically, a fern only needs more water when the soil dries. Even if you do kill your fern, it is very easy to regrow them. Just cut the fern back, water it once a week, and wait. It will regrow.

2. Tillandsia

The tillandsia is commonly referred to as the air plant. The beauty of this plant is that it does not require any soil in order to grow. It pulls all of its nourishments from the air and humidity. A bright light, plenty of air circulation, and a mist of water once a week is all this particular house plant requires.

3. Jade Plant

The jade plant is also known as the money plant or friendship tree. This plant needs light and a low level of water once or twice per month. Just make sure the soil is well drained to prevent the plant from sitting in the water for very long. The leaves of the plant will wrinkle if you are not giving it enough water. If you notice the leaves wrinkling, just drench the soil in water. Then, you should allow the soil time to almost dry out before you water the plant again.

4. Cacti

Being a plant that survives in the desert, it should come as no surprise that a member of the cacti family would require little upkeep on your part. Watering the cacti once a month and making sure it gets some light is all you need to do to keep it alive. Make sure you allow the soil to dry out completely before you give the cacti more water.

A houseplant is a fun way to decorate your new home. If you are someone who has a tendency to kill houseplants, you will be happy with one of these four options in your home. To find the perfect new home, visit a business such as the Crooked Tree Preserve.