Recognizing And Rectifying The Dangers Of Lead Paint In Your Properties

19 November 2015
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As you look into acquiring and renting out properties, you need to be sure that your property management company handles inspections for lead paint. Since 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency has passed and enforced laws that obligate property management companies to inspect for lead in paint and not rent a structure that utilizes lead paint. Make sure that you stay on top of such matters, as you read on to learn more about the dangers of lead paint. 

Children And Pregnant Women Are Most Severely Affected

The people most affected by lead exposure are children and pregnant women carrying children. Since a child's nervous system is still developing, any trace exposure to lead can result in anything from cognitive issues to seizures to death. In most situations, children come into contact with it from lead-based paint — which is why these paints are no longer used on buildings. Pregnant women can be severely harmed from lead exposure as well, and that harm can trickle down to the baby she is carrying.

Lead Exposure Can Stunt Child Development

In addition to severe issues, exposure to lead can create long-term developmental issues in children. They may suffer lifelong hearing issues, anemia, stunted growth and other such issues. The reason for this is that lead can have detrimental harm on just about all bodily organs. Children under six are especially vulnerable to lead exposure, which is why parents must be vigilant in preventing this exposure at all costs.

Understanding Signs Of Lead Exposure In Adults 

While children are most harmed by lead exposure, exposure to lead can harm able-bodied adults just as much. Adults can experience issues with their kidneys, brain damage and a number of other toxic symptoms when dealing with products that contain lead. While any organ or bodily system can be affected by lead, 90% of this damage will be stored in your bones, where it can later be released into the bloodstream. If you are experiencing lead toxicity, you may experience symptoms such as hearing loss, seizure, constipation, difficulty concentrating, miscarriage and other issues. You will need to get your levels checked to make sure that you are not dealing with extremely harmful levels of exposure. This is why it is so important to stay abreast of governmental recalls of lead-based products so that you can act accordingly and respond if you happen to have come in contact with contaminated products.

Consider these harmful effects and remember to always stay on top of inspections and the law. To find out more, speak with a business like Condominium Management.