3 Security Measures To Put In Place Before Your Kids Stay Home Alone

18 November 2015
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When your kids are old enough to stay home alone for a few hours, they may be excited by the opportunity for a little freedom and independence. You, on the other hand, may be worried about whether or not they are safe in the hours between when school lets out and the time you come home from work. Here are three security measures you can put in place to make sure your kids are safe when you aren't home.

Install Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras give you the ability to check on your kids when you aren't home. You can view your home on your smartphone or your computer to make sure that all is well in the home and that your kids are handling their chores and homework as instructed. Be sure to set a few boundaries, such as setting up a time window every day that you will check the cameras. This will make your kids feel a bit less like you are spying on them while still giving you the peace of mind you need to know your kids are safe.

Install A Remote Alarm System

The remote alarm system works with your cameras to help provide an extra layer of protection for your house. You can view the camera at your front door to see when your kids arrive home from school, and you can disarm the system so they can unlock the door and enter the home. You can also set up a perimeter alarm that can be activated after your children arrive home safely. This alarm won't go off as a result of motion inside the home, but it will trigger if any doors or windows are opened without the use of your security pass code. You'll get real-time data about anyone trying to gain entry into your home so you can take appropriate action.

Install Keypad Locks

Kids can lose or forget their keys, but a keypad lock can eliminate the need for a key at all. Your locksmith can set up the door lock so that each child has a unique pass code or you can share one for the whole family. When your children arrive home, they simply punch the numbers into the keypad to open the door. You won't have to pay for replacement keys, and you can be sure that your kids will always have a way to get into the home.

Creating a safe environment for your kids is important. Your locksmith can help you come up with unique solutions that keep your home and your children safe when you can't be there to monitor them. Work together to create a security plan that works for your home. Click here for more info about locksmith services.