Apartments For Rent In New York City: The Safest Apartments By Buroughs Or Streets

13 November 2015
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When you transition and relocate to New York City, there is always the question of safety in a big city. Where does one find an affordable apartment and hunker down? Better yet, do you opt for safety instead of price, just to feel secure and comfortable with where you live? While it is true that you may want to pay more to be more secure in some of the boroughs of New York City, there are apartments for rent in some of the less expensive boroughs that will satisfy your two major needs for both safety and affordability. Here are the top three rated neighborhoods to put on the top of your list when you need to find a New York City apartment.

1. Great Kills and Tottenville

Although these neighborhoods are practically in New Jersey, you can still catch the subway or a taxi into the city if you have an apartment here. Besides being voted the safest boroughs in all of city, it also affords you a little more greenery and nature than living right in the heart of the city itself. Many New Yorkers who want to stay close to the city but are looking for more safety and "greener pastures" look for an apartment in Great Kills and Tottenville.

2. New Dorp and South Beach

These Staten Island boroughs have very few deaths and injuries related to crime (which seems to be the criteria for safety rankings). This area may be a little pricey, but if you plan to have a roommate or two, the rent is completely doable. Usually you will be able to connect from your apartment to the mainland portion of the city as often as you need to for work and entertainment and not really need a car for mobility because the public transit systems and cabs can cross back and forth onto Staten Island easily. On the weekends, you can enjoy the beaches along the coast just a couple of miles in most directions from your New Dorp/South Beach apartment.

3. Kensington and Borough Park (Brooklyn)

In a borough dominated by Irish and Italian immigrants, you can find apartments above many of the bodegas owned and operated by multi-generational families. Ranked as the third safest borough in all of New York City, Kensington and Borough Park is close to the city's heart by transit to be enjoyable but just far enough out that monthly rent and issues with security do not boggle the mind. There is a lot of ethnic culture here too, something that will give you a little taste of everything from the Big Apple.

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