Finding An Apartment As A Dog Owner? 3 Luxury Features To Consider

21 February 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


As the owner of a dog, you may be curious about finding an apartment that you and your dog will be happy with. If you've been interested in finding an apartment to rent, instead of simply looking at whether the property allows dogs, it's a good idea to see whether there are any more luxurious features that could be nice to have. This can mean simply checking if the building has extra features that dog owners will enjoy having access to. Rather than choosing an apartment just for you, consider the following features that can be useful to have.

Provided Dog Wash Area

With how messy a dog can typically get outside, it can be a great idea to have some way to clean up your dog. Some more luxurious apartment buildings can have an area where you're able to wash your dog without bringing them directly into the apartment. This can be great because you don't want your dog to be tracking in mud and dirt. Since this is a more luxurious feature that you might not find at most apartment buildings, finding one that offers a dog wash area can be quite useful.

Enclosed Dog Run

Another option is to find an apartment with an enclosed dog run. What this can do is make sure that your dog will have a place to run around without you needing to take them on a long run outside. With an enclosed dog area, it's likely that the building will have other dog owners visiting it, making it easier to make friends with your neighbors. Another benefit that comes with an enclosed dog run is the reassurance that you have a safe place to take your dog to let your dog run free without a leash.

Options for Sitters and Walkers

One of the features that more luxurious apartment buildings may offer is a place for your dog to be taken on walks or be visited by a sitter. While getting a typical apartment can mean searching for the kinds of amenities you want for yourself, it can be so useful to make sure that you have a way for your dog to be seen by a sitter and make sure that you won't have a problem for them to get the care they need.

As you begin contacting different apartment buildings with vacancies open, it's important for you to avoid apartments that could be a bad match for your dog. Start looking at apartment complexes in your area today.